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Your Face: The Gift that Keeps on Giving | Skin Tools

Think of your skin as the gift wrap on the present that is your face. Your face. That perfect blend of sweet, sassy and sexy, like Jeff Goldblum looking coyly over one shoulder - it’s a triple threat that should be appreciated. So let’s talk maintenance in order to preserve the gloriousness that is your genes.

These days there are a plethora of tools, tips and tricks out there. V confusing no?  I’m here to hold your hand (so soft gurl.) on this exploration into smooth, dewy derma.

You might be wondering why should you/would you trust me on this most sacred skin journey? It just so happens, I’m a skin consultant to the stars, specifically celebrity babies - and I think we can all agree North, Blue and True don’t look a day over seven. So let’s begin.

Jade or Rose Quartz Rollers

Stone rollers are common these days in the skincare world. Fun fact: most of my celebrity baby clients have them in place of conventional rattles. The very act of treating your face like a mini pizza dough and rolling upward towards the gods is hella gratifying. It’s the lazy person’s face yoga.

The Details  

Whether you’re team jade or team rose quartz, it is best to let your holy roller chill prior to a test drive.  Set it in the fridge or a glass of ice water, this little glider’s purpose is to decrease inflammation and minimize puffiness. Chrissy Teigen’s baby Luna swears by it after a night of hitting the bottle hard.


Via Aeora Beauty



Micro Needling

“Sometimes beauty is pain or at least low key discomfort”- that is a direct quote from Ruth Bader Ginsburg (and we know she is always fair.). The microneedling tool appears to be a small torture weapon or alternatively a crafting tool for ambitious scrapbookers (who torture you with their family photos). In actuality, it is neither.

The Details

Microneedling is intended to improve the overall texture of the skin including: acne scarring, fine lines, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks, and other pigment issues.  Microneedling does this two ways. First, creating tiny canals to allow for deeper absorption of your faboosh skincare products like our Dream Beam oil. Secondly, by creating small micro-injuries which prompt your body to send collagen to the skin’s surface for repair.  I recommend pairing this treatment with Netflix true crime watching. Oddly, it takes the edge off.

Via Urban Skin



Gua Sha Stone

A close cousin to the Jade Roller, Gua Sha is a technique used in traditional East Asian medicine to treat muscle pain or tension. However, it can also be used for improved skin and tissue -  lifting, sculpting and overall radiance. Gua Sha stones are typically flat with curved edges and vaguely resemble a posh mini surfboard a hamster might use - if hamsters surfed. (Don’t overthink it.)

The Details

The basic principle of Gua Sha is to lift muscles and stimulate your lymphatic drainage to clear out excess fluid. Nobody likes excess fluid except on a Friday night. Prep your derma in advance with a hydrating serum or face oil like Midnight Boost to provide adequate slip and seal in moisture. Start with your neck and gently run the smooth edge of the stone up and down with firm pressure. Repeat this five times, then move on to your beautiful face, slowly working from the center outward in zones (chin/cheeks/forehead), repeating each movement five times. If you get bored just visualize yourself riding that mini Gua Sha surfboard - with or without a hamster.  


 Via Sephora


Final Thoughts

We can’t all get as much nap time as a celebrity baby. And for this Beyonce is obviously to blame. But a solid skincare regime does wonders to keep people asking, “Where does photoshop end and her real face begin?” And well of course, your natural radiance - that is truly age proof.

By Naeme El-Zein

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