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Seven easy tips and tricks to creating your ideal space with Dahlia Bertoldi.

Meet Dahlia Bertoldi. A 27 year old model and owner of “FLO” a personal organizing service based out of Montreal. She’s been part of the workforce since she was 14 and has dipped her toes into many different industries over the years. We instantly connected last year when we met on set and we’ve been wanting to feature this badass business woman on the blog for a while now. Keep reading to learn more about Dal, what led her to create “FLO” and 7 easy organizing tips and tricks to prepare for fall and winter. 



What led you to create “FLO”?

 A series of events led me to starting “FLO”- I travelled a lot for the first part of my 20s, working in the service industry and always feeling connected to working with people and playing into creating an experience. I grew infatuated with space, aesthetic and energy- in many different cultures and traditions that I became more familiar with. I decided to try to come up with a service to offer others an opportunity to evaluate their relationship to their space. I realized quickly there is a very big demand for help, as people tend to put their space on the back burner and become very lost and overwhelmed by doing so. My best friend Via quit her job and joined me to expand this idea, the rest is history!


What is “FLO”?

 FLO is a personal organizing service, catered to each clients personal needs. We offer residential and commercial services to help you create space that is dynamic, organized, free flowing and stimulating for you. I'm a very big believer that as humans, our space is essential and tightly knit to our wellbeing. It seems that we have become quite detached from our habitat, surrounding ourselves with clutter and becoming a direct reflection of our own toxic consumer habits. 


FLO helps you to assess your current situation, decide what you want and also what you need, and end up in a space that is versatile, easy to maintain & more reflective of nature. This work means a lot to me, and it is very satisfying. I think it's very powerful to actually acknowledge all the “things” that fill your physical space, choose what you're actually using, and give the opportunity for the rest to be used and helpful to someone else. Encouraging people to consume less inspires me, connecting people to the energy of their space and thus themselves inspires me, and supporting people in less privileged circumstances inspires me. 


After hearing about the amazing “Maria Condo-ing” Dal offers, she’s been kind enough to share 7 easy tricks to help cleanse our space for fall.

A fall cleanse of your space is so important, because it is a preparation for winter and hibernation, but also because the world is crazy right now. With everything going on, your space and your mental wellness are more connected than ever. I typically recommend a cleansing of your space at work or home every change of season very thoroughly, however, playing with any one or two of these steps on a monthly basis will keep your space flowing and feeling good. 

It is a radical act of self love to step into putting that extra bit of love into your physical environment, let's do it together.

Here are 7 easy steps:

  1. Decide what you want. Sit down with intention, write down 3 words that you're calling in to describe your space and 3 words of how you will feel
  1. Purge! Have fun with it, i like to throw everything into one space and tackle it, that way you cannot give up. Create your piles (absolutely, maybe and goodbye). When going back into the maybe pile, a maximum of 25% should be kept, if it's not a hell yes, let it go. If you have an elaborate story to defend and explain why you should keep it, let it go. I know it can be hard, and you will be ok- i promise. 
  1. Evaluate. See what you have, and what you need. If there is a desire for bins, baskets, separators, see if you could use what you have first, and the rest you can pick up as you go to drop off your goodies to people in need. 
  1. Clean. Open your windows. Cleaning is essential to any rejuvenation of space, give everything a good wipe down. I love to take a spray bottle, fill an eighth with white vinegar, 5 drops of tea tree EO, 5 drops of rosemary and 5 drops of ylang ylang and fill the rest with water. You can add any mix of EO that you enjoy. After the wipe down, I suggest smudging your space to clear the stagnant energy and welcome your new intentions for your space, feel free to speak them out loud. Palo Santo, Sage, and Copal are my top choices for smudging. 
  1. Puzzle. Place the elements of that room back, and decide where they now belong. I am a big believer in shifting furniture, even in small ways, from how it was before. This gives new energy flow to the room. Everything should have a designated home within the space. I often refer to the principles of Feng Shui’s commanding positions when deciding where certain furniture should be placed- an easy google search could help you. It's important to take a moment to feel into the space for this step. 
  1. Add elements of nature! As animals, elements of nature in any space allow us to effortlessly feel more grounded, and call in good energy. Plants, rocks, wood, crystals & water are all welcome.

  2. Gratitude. Gratitude is a big part of feeding the energy you want into your space. Take a moment to turn on your diffuser with your fave Alper Oil's blend and sit in your new space. Ground into the present moment and look around you, give thanks for the work and energy you put in, and for the space itself and everything in it. Depending on the chosen space, acknowledge whatever it offers you; rest, nourishment, movement, inspiration, focus, love. 


For now, due to COVID-19, I am not working directly in people's spaces, though I'm excited to get back to it. I am open to online consultations to help with the vision of a space or if anyone ever wants some tips and support. In the meantime, I am cultivating more tools and becoming certified in my Reiki practice, as well as diving more deeply into Feng Shui principles.




Where to bring your purge in Montreal?

Chez Doris (refer to their website to see what is currently needed:

Native womens shelter of Montreal (drop off days twice a month, refer to website:

Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation (


You can follow Dal here @dahlzb

You can follow FLO here @organizemepls 


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