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November Blues - How To Cope With Seasonal Depression.

It’s cold, it’s gloomy, days are getting shorter, finals are approaching…yep, November is here. Probably the most hated month of all. Spooky season is behind us and it’s not quite time to break out our Michael Bublé Christmas album just yet. We’re in autumn’s no man’s land and… it’s rough y’all. Trust me, I feel you. Seasonal affective disorder is very real and it can completely derail us this time of year. Especially now, having to stay home even more because of Covid, November 2020 might be the toughest yet. BUT, at Alper Oils we’re here to help you get through this rough patch and be your best self despite the *crappy* weather. Here are some things that can help beat your November blues:

1- Aromatherapy. Essential oils have a whole bunch of health benefits and can actually influence the area of the brain that controls your mood. Your favorite Alper Oils have aromatherapy benefits as well and can have calming, stress reducing effects on you. Did you know that you can put them in your diffuser to make your home smell great?

2- Exercise & nature walks. Regular exercise is a natural mood booster and can help ward off SAD (seasonal affective disorder) symptoms with just 15 minutes of daily activity. A short nature walk is also a great way to fight seasonal depression, because let’s face it, nothing beats the smell of fresh air.

3- Maintain a schedule and be proactive. Keeping busy is key to fighting off those seasonal blues. Maintain a tight schedule by setting an alarm in the morning and going to bed at the same time (as much as possible) every night. Keep a journal and plan your days with fun projects and activities to do at home or outside.

4- Light therapy & vitamin D. It’s no secret that these shorter days have a great effect on our mood. Human beings need sunshine and light to function, so the colder months definitely make it harder on us. A great way to help ease the transition to winter is by using a light therapy lamp for about 30 minutes a day. Taking vitamin D supplements during fall and winter can also help boost your immune system.

5- Become a plant mom. We’re giving you the ok to become a crazy plant lady! Nurturing and taking care of houseplants can be a really effective way to fight off SAD and feelings of depression. Taking care of plants is not only therapeutic and can reduce stress, but it also makes your place look great. Talk about a two in one, ha!

These are just a few “home remedies” to help fight off seasonal depression, but don’t hesitate to ask for help if your feelings worsen and it becomes too much to handle alone. Help is always available:

  • Crisis services Canada: 1-833-456-4566
  • Tel-écoute: 514-493-4484


Happy November!

By : Madeleine Massicotte


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