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How to keep your skin in check when travelling 🌞🌴🐚

At the beginning of January I was lucky enough to trade the freezing Montreal winter for the sunny beaches of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Albeit – it was just for a little over a week, but I’ll take all the vitamin D I can get. Before leaving, it felt like I hadn’t felt the warmth of the sun in ages. 

I packed very quickly the night before my flight, haphazardly shoving all my go-to skincare products into my cosmetics bag. On my second day in Mexico, I realized that my products weren’t really working for my skin. I wondered how this could be possible- I’ve been using these products for months! After doing some research online I realized that I failed to consider a very important principle in skincare when packing – your skincare needs change with changes in the weather. Think about it- I’m sure lots of you use a heavy moisturizer in the winter, but in warmer climates our skin can get more oily and we don’t really need that heavy dose of moisture.  Here are some changes I made in my skincare routine while on vacation that I’ll take into account when packing for my next sunny escape.

Lightweight moisturizer - As mentioned above, on the second day of my trip I noticed that my skin was getting progressively oily. My thick moisturizer was no longer necessary and I even found it to be a bit occlusive. When you travel to a warmer climate, bring a more lightweight moisturizer that’s less of a cream but more of a fluid/gel consistency. I started to use my little sister’s lightweight moisturizer and found the consistency to be perfect. In the winter I like to lock in my moisturizer with an oil – preferably dream beam. I still included this step while in Mexico. The oil in combination with the lightweight moisturizer was a perfect combination and my skin felt optimally juicy all night long.

Less exfoliation - I normally like to use a gentle chemical exfoliator every night in my skincare routine. I especially love this step during the winter as it helps buff away any dry patches that are lurking on my face.  But in Mexico I noticed that my usual blend of acids that normally work amazing for me was a little harsh on my skin. After gently swiping an acid-soaked cotton round onto my skin I felt a burn and saw some major redness- a reaction that I haven’t experienced since I first introduced acids into my routine. It turns out that the sun exposure was making my skin a little more sensitive than usual. I decided to only use my chemical exfoliant three times out of the 9 days that I was away. My go to Dream Beam facial oil was still perfect for my newly sensitive skin. The oil was incredibly soothing for my skin that became a little (shamefully) sunburnt. Exfoliating less frequently was the perfect compromise- got to buff away all the dead skin that built up but I wasn’t putting my skin through more than it could handle.

Cleansing twice a day - At home in Montreal, I normally don’t cleanse in the morning. This is a personal preference and for my skin I don’t find it necessary. I don’t sweat in my sleep and I use a clean pillowcase so there isn’t much grime to take care of in the morning.  In Mexico I found that I couldn’t only cleanse my skin at night but I still didn’t find a morning cleanse necessary – confused? Bear with me. After a day of lying by the beach I found that I couldn’t not cleanse my skin before applying my makeup for dinner. I was reapplying my sunscreen every few hours and sweating. So, I started to cleanse my skin in the shower at about 4 pm. My cleanser was gentle enough that  cleansing twice a day wasn’t harsh or drying on my skin, and since my skin was now oily, my 4 pm cleanse was particularly necessary.

Those are my travel skin care tips! Hopefully you will soon find yourself in a hot climate and can put these tips to use. If not, there’s only 6 months till summer *sigh*. 

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