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AO Squad

Your founders and sister duo here, Maddie and Alana Alper!

Having worked as hair and makeup artists for the past six years, we developed a mild (or not so mild) obsession with all things beauty! Beauty comes in so many forms, and there's so much about it we love to immerse ourselves in. Through our journey, we have learned that the combination of wellness and beauty is what really resonates with us most.

In today's snap-happy world, people are more consumed with how they look rather than how they feel. It has become apparent to us that society ignores ingredients and self care only to focus on quick fixes and unhealthy habits.

But here’s the thing. The way we see it, beauty comes from the inside out… so if you don't feel great, how can you look it? That message was really the birth of the Alper Oils Brand.

As we both suffered from both skin concerns and emotional issues, tackling these issues in a single bottle was a no-brainer. But it doesn't stop there. We are so excited to be entering the next phase of Alper Oils by creating a place where these issues can be discussed. A place where we can relate to one another and create a community.

Excited to read on?
Well get ready for some awesome content and collaborations coming your way!

Stay Dewy,

The Alper Sisters

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